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Observation Point:

Potosi High School
#1 Trojan Drive
Potosi, Missouri 63664

Potosi_Trojans Potosi Athletics - Free physicals tomorrow 9am-noon and 1pm-3pm - Friday 9am-noon
Potosi_Trojans PHS - Graduation pictures and track pictures may be picked up in the PHS office
Potosi_Trojans Potosi Band - Hershey PA Music in the Parks Festival - Potosi 1st in Class and 1st Overall concert band
Potosi_Trojans Trojan Track - State Meet - Garrett Johnson State Champion in Pole Vault, Bailey Gardner 3rd in state, Peyton Skiles 3rd in state High Jump
Potosi_Trojans Trojan Track - State Track Meet qualifiers Peyton Skiles, Garrett Johnson, Bailey Gardner, Caleb Gaylord, and Ethan Roland